Pickleball has exploded in popularity in recent years. Walk into any of the best gyms Tampa offers, and you will likely find a pickleball court. Why is it popular? There are quite a few reasons. You can start playing immediately, as the rules are easy, but it’s a hard game to master, and there’s plenty of technique involved. Proper tactics can match speed and agility, opening the game to all ages and skill levels. Plus, it’s just a blast to play, so pickleball might be the perfect match if you’re into gamifying your fitness. Here are a few reasons to pick up a paddle.

Anyone Can Have Fun

Pickleball is easy to learn but becoming a master takes tons of practice. It’s essentially a combination of tennis and ping pong. Speed and agility can help, but there’s also tons of strategy and technique to learn. That means seniors with less mobility can still square off against teenagers with less strategy. When you play at one of the best gyms Sarasota offers, you might see grandkids hitting the ball back and forth with their grandparents. No matter your age or fitness level, chances are you can have a great time playing pickleball.

It’s Not as Hard as Tennis 

Unlike pickleball, tennis is a fast-paced game where agility is key. This can help in pickleball, but agility isn’t nearly as important. That means it’s easier to play than tennis. It’s easier to move around the smaller court. It also has an easier scoring system to learn. The first side to reach 11 points, but with at least two more points than the other team, wins the game. You must serve underhand, and only the serving side can gain a point. Volleying can only begin after the ball bounces once on each side. The ball is a plastic whiffle ball, making it easier to hit, and the net is lower than in tennis. If you’ve found tennis to be too challenging for you, pickleball is for you.

It’s a Low-Impact Workout

If you walk into some of the best gyms Tallahassee has to offer, you want different exercise options depending on your mood and energy levels. Some days, you’re ready for a heart-pounding HIIT workout, while other days might call for something more low-impact. If that’s the case, you’ll love pickleball. It can keep you active without putting tons of stress on your muscles and joints, perfect for active recovery days.

Pickleball Is Social Time

Pickleball is slower-paced than its cousin, tennis, which means it can be more of a social experience. Whether you bring your friends or you want to meet new people, it’s an interactive sport with a welcoming community of players. You can play doubles or just get lost in conversation with your opponent during a friendly game. While plugging in your headphones and focusing on an intense solo workout has its place, sometimes it’s more fun to exercise with someone else, and pickleball is perfect for socializing.

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